Rig Acceptance & Commissioning Services

Our acceptance and commissioning services deploy independent inspection personnel to ensure that your new or refurbished rig is “fit for purpose”, and compliant with recognized national or international standards and pre-set contractual agreements.

It is SurveySpec’s goal for the rig to be compliant, fully operational with peak reliability and clients’ recognized standards. Our time and experience tested acceptance and commissioning processes include:

  • Participating in the manufacturing phase, assessing build and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and System Integrity Test (SIT) to warrant that the equipment and systems function properly and comply with legislative requirements, prior to being delivered to the rig site for installation and integration.
  • Evaluating of manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance procedures.
  • Performing final rig acceptance inspections, surveys and audits to demonstrate that the installed equipment, systems and structures meet contractual, operational and regulatory obligations.
  • Conducting certification reviews to ensure that systems and equipment are installed with proper up-to-date certification.
  • Conducting maintenance reviews to ensure the rig complies with interval maintenance, repair and overhaul requirements for a safe and reliable operation.
  • Conducting Safety Management System (SMS) and HSE reviews.
  • Conducting design reviews or verification on clients’ pre-set contractual requirements.
  • Witnessing function and load tests prior to start-up operations.
  • Formulating acceptance test procedures and witness acceptance function tests
  • Recording, documenting and constantly communicating deficiencies throughout the acceptance and commissioning phase facilitating expeditious corrective action.
  • Contributing to the knowledge of the personnel regarding operation and maintenance of the equipment
  • Preparing and delivering to our client a thorough final report that documents our findings and provides a conditional assessment of the rig.

SurveySpec’s proven systematic approach to its’ rig inspection and commissioning services provides early detection of quality deficiencies on equipment and systems. Our approach has proven instrumental in helping operators and drilling contractors prevent start-up issues or expensive downtime, thus, avoiding costly guarantee claims because expensive corrective actions were required.

Our Surveys reduce risks, save lives, and eliminate major potential downtime. 

Our Clients

As part of our client base, SurveySpec has had the privilege of working with a great number of established clients.

"Our goal is to make every customer's project successful."