SMS Audits

SurveySpec’s independent Safety Management System (SMS) and Operational Audits have been utilized by our clients’ management team as a forcing function to facilitate continuous process improvement and either modify current procedures or completely re-engineer a process. We have received positive feedback on our hands-on-approach, realistic recommendations and guidance while assisting operators and drilling contractors upgrade their SMS and operational processes to the oil and gas industry best practices.

Recent directives set clear rules that cover the lifecycle of all exploration and production activities. 
Because of this regulatory compliance pressure, the principal responsibility for ensuring operational safety and sustainability is placed on companies within the oil and gas industry.  SurveySpec’s services provide a systematic approach to auditing occupational health and safety risks, and then our recommendations are often used to define strategies for our clients to either revise current or implement new processes. 
We follow a five (5) step process when auditing SMS and other operational systems.

  1. Based on the work scope, we request in advance and review SMS, HSE, Training, Maintenance, and any other pertinent operational procedures or documents.
  2. These procedures are reviewed and an audit plan is prepared to be carry out upon arrival at the rig site/work location.
  3. On location, our personnel work diligently to audit against the companies procedures. Typically, additional documents are provided and reviewed, inspections conducted, and interviews performed with management and staff.
  4. SurveySpec auditors prepare a report with their findings and provide recommendations.
  5. SurveySpec’s recommendations are incorporated into a corrective action/remedial plan. In addition, follow up and close out of the audit plan is recommended to our customers.

SurveySpec works closely with our clients to understand their audit objectives and then we customize the audit to ensure our customer’s goals are met.  We audit to ensure the administration of these plans is performed in line with the requirements stated in the documented plan.  Representative SMS audit typically address most of the items noted below.

  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Occupational Health Management System
  • Work Area Management
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Emergency Response
  • Management of change
  • Training and Competency Management
  • Maintenance System Audits
  • Contractor Management

It is rewarding for SurveySpec to work with an organization and observe it transform itself and develop a culture that focuses on superior SMS, and operational performance.  Ultimately, the transformation ensures the well being of its’ employees, reduces costs associated with accidents, and improves regulatory compliance.  Together, it all contributes to a more inspired, and performance driven workforce.

Our Surveys reduce risks, save lives, and eliminate major potential downtime. 

Our Clients

As part of our client base, SurveySpec has had the privilege of working with a great number of established clients.

"Our goal is to make every customer's project successful."